The SeQuel SKōTER is our newest model amplifier. Like other SeQuel tube/valve amplifiers, this model is built and voiced after the sound of those classic Van Gelder recordings of the master guitarists of the late 1950s. 

We were pursuaded by a customer and friend who drove a Mini Cooper who really wanted an all tube/valve amplifier with THAT classic sound to fit in a specific corner in his tiny automobile. But this meant a 1x10" design. 

Admittedly we resisted at first, preferring a more typical 1x12" format but eventually succumbing to his persistence. Perhaps him being an attorney may have helped! 

In retrospect, we're glad we listened because the little amp that could really does deliver the sonic goods!

Weighing only about 25 pounds and yet pushing around 23+ watts, it is a wonderful, simple little amp that delivers. 

Another great feauture is that all tubes can be user-changed as the amp is sef-biasing. No more trips to an amp tech required!

We will soon be posting photos, audio clips and pricing information so please stay tuned for more info.

Until then, keep making music....that's really what it's all about!

  • SeQuel SKōTER

  • SeQuel SKōTER