SeQuel VERMONT [to Johnny Smith]

SeQuel VERMONT [to Johnny Smith]

The SeQuel VERMONT guitar amplifier is our homage to the great Johnny Smith. Named after his seminal album titled "Moonlight In Vermont" released in 1952.

Johnny Smith's recorded sound evolved over time reflecting changes in technology. However throughout his professional career, he was unwaveringly specific in his views on how an amplifier should sound specifically for archtop guitars. And he held to these views with both tube|valve and solid state designs.

Johnny had deep respect for the archtop guitar advocating it as a unique instrument a breed apart from flat-top, classical/flamenco, and certainly solid-body guitars. He wanted a highly balanced sound that didn't exaggerate any particular frequencies, strings or notes.

Championing a neutral nearly hi-fi approach to amplifying archtop guitars Johnny eschewed the far more common Fender/Marshall/Vox "voicing" for this specific application. The result he sought was impeccable balance and sonic accuracy. Realism: what you play is what it reproduces. Just louder.

In the SeQuel VERMONT, we've wholeheartedly embraced Johnny Smith's ideas and ideals while also remaining open to modern state-of-the-art circuit topographies. Then adding a few respectful thoughts of our own.

After a deliberately methodical gestation period, the VERMONT has evolved as a compact 1x12 hybrid combo with a 1950s-era classic tube|valve preamp circuit mated to a 21st century 350-watt @ 8-ohm Class D power section. Flat EQ with controls @ 12n and individual non-interactive Bass and Treble controls. Spring reverb. Very quiet self-noise floor suitable for studio recording and able to achieve extremely high SPLs when required.

Yet with that certain touch of tube that's so difficult to explain. Magical too.

And flexible. With adroit touches to the two EQ controls or spring reverb, a guitarist can vary from that neutral JS core to tailor a unique sound. The controls are independent acting much like a mixer in a recording studio so they will imply a particular response curve if that approach better leads toward the musical path its owner wishes.

It's all there and highly intuitive. So you can focus on your music.

The SeQuel VERMONT. Beautifully accurate. Simple to operate. Sonically flexible. Low maintenance. Choice of 115v and 230v models for worldwide operation. Nominally 15.5x15.5x9.5 inches [39x39x24 cm]. Only about 26 pounds [12 kilos].

Thank you Johnny Smith for your music and inspiration.

For more information and up-to-date information please contact SOUNDISLANDMUSIC in Seattle, WA USA.